BIBLE:  Second grade Bible includes Bible truths, Bible memory, Bible study skills, prayer, Christian character qualities, and missions.  Second graders will focus on Bible characters in the Old and New Testament such as Moses, Ruth, and the Lord Jesus Christ.  As students focus on these men and women of the Bible, they will study thirty-six character traits including humility, courage, diligence, and others.  A community outreach project puts spiritual lessons into action.  The ACSI Bible Curriculum is used.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  In language arts second graders will focus on reading, writing, language, speaking, listening, and spelling.  Students will continue in more complex phonics analysis, fine-tune their fluency, and apply comprehension skills with special emphasis on vocabulary development.  Phonics reinforcement through more rigorous spelling instruction is given with dictation.  Second graders will progress in learning how to identify common/proper nouns, pronouns, action/linking verbs, subjects/predicates, and adjectives.  They will practice writing descriptive and narrative paragraphs, a friendly letter, summaries, three book reports, and creative stories.  Starting the second semester, students will learn cursive writing.  Through out the year, second graders are afforded numerous hands-on opportunities to develop listening and speaking skills through chapels, programs, the ACSI Speech Meet, and other activities.  Two novel studies enrich the reading program:  The Courage of Sarah Noble and Helen Keller.  Open Court Reading, Modern Curriculum Phonics, EPS Primary Phonics D’Nealian Handwriting, A Reason for Spelling, Bob Jones English: Writing and Grammar, SRA Reading Lab, quality literature, and other supplements are used for curriculum in the language arts.
MATH:  Second grade math will cover whole numbers, time and money, measurement, geometry, fractions, and problem solving.  Students will add and subtract with both two and three digit numbers, memorize facts up to 20 and use real money to solve problems.  They will practice regularly with timed tests to reinforce basic skills and recall.  Second graders are introduced to new concepts, like multiplication and division, through the use of manipulatives and will learn their multiplication facts for 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  Students will learn to find perimeter, tell time, read and write fractions, and round to the 1000’s place.  Second graders are provided with numerous opportunities to solve problems using logic and critical thinking skills. Brain Gymnastics is an exciting field trip second graders will take that reinforces the math objectives taught during the year.   The Harcourt Math Curriculum, Mountain Math, and SRA Math Lab are used.

SCIENCE:  Second grade science includes a study of various ecosystems and environments, which incorporates three areas of emphasis:  life science, physical science and earth science.  Aspects of the solar system, magnets, weather, nutrition and the earth are also units of study for the second grader.  A major unit for second graders is a thorough study of the rainforest where the water cycle, products important to God’s world, and other important concepts related to the environment are discussed. Students will gain new understandings of plant life when they take a field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium where they will observe animals in action, learn scientific concepts, and identify a variety of rainforest plants.  The dinosaur study is another major unit in second grade science.  Students will begin with the Bible to see how God’s Creation included dinosaurs and how the flood of Noah changed climatic conditions on the earth.  Students explore science for themselves by demonstrating and explaining two experiments that they have completed at home.  The curriculum used in science is Scott Foresman Science Curriculum.
CITIZENSHIP/HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY:  For the second grader citizenship/history classes include units on the Community/Neighborhood, America, Indians/Pilgrims, Colonial Days, and The Westward Expansion of America.  Students will enjoy a number of hands-on activities when studying various community services and helpers and when learning about the responsibilities of good citizenship.  The unit on Colonial Days comes alive when history and reading are combined through a class novel study entitled, The Courage of Sarah Noble.  Map skills are coordinated and reinforced during each unit and creative and expository writing are integrated in this subject area throughout the year.  A Beka History Curriculum, and Steck-Vaughn Map Skills B are major resources.

SPECIAL SUBJECTS:  Every day second graders also enjoy participating in special classes which provide extra enrichment.  Weekly special subjects include music, library, computer, art, and Spanish.  Daily physical education classes are scheduled, as well.  Second graders will take a P.E. field trip to a roller skating rink to learn how to skate backwards, practice balancing/coordination skills, and play roller skating games.

DISCOVERY DAYS:  Discovery Days are experienced at each grade level.  These exciting and fun days involve hands-on activities that culminate a science or social studies unit.  Students have the opportunity to personally “discover” historical lifestyles and events.  The second grade Westward Expansion study is culminated with a Pioneer Trail Day in which the students walk the Oregon Trail, eat food cooked over an open fire, and explore other aspects of traveling in a Conestoga wagon.

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