BIBLE:  In Bible fourth graders follow Randy “Sherlock” Holmes and his faithful companion “Woofson” through the Scriptures to study major Bible doctrines.  Students use Bible concordances, dictionaries, atlases and other tools to study the doctrines of God, His Word, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Salvation, and Heaven/Hell.  Students are challenged to make application of the great doctrines of the faith.  A strong Bible memory schedule and missionary studies are also included in fourth grade Bible.  A community outreach project puts spiritual lessons into action.  Fourth graders utilize the Purposeful Design Bible Curriculum.
LANGUAGE ARTS:  Fourth grade language arts focus on six areas:  reading, language, writing, speaking, listening, and spelling.  Three novel studies, classical short stories from the different genres of literature, and other reading activities allow for variety in fourth grade reading.  Students are challenged as they read together such classics as The Cricket in Time Square and The Lion, the Witch. and the Wardrobe.  Context clues, main idea, details, sequencing, drawing conclusions, vocabulary development, and following directions are the comprehension skills most emphasized in fourth grade reading.  In language, students have consistent practice in identifying parts of speech.  Correct punctuation and spelling is stressed through the writing process and a variety of formal and informal assignments such as writing letters, poetry, stories, and reports.  Students learn the basics of research as they plan, organize and write a country research paper.  Open Court Reading Curriculum, A Reason for Spelling, Bob Jones English: Writing and Grammar, D’Nealian Handwriting Curriculum, SRA Reading Lab, and other quality literature are used as the major resources.

MATH:  Fourth grade math includes these areas of study:  whole numbers, time and money, measurement, geometry, fractions, and problem solving.  Working with place value to the millions, combining two-digit and three-digit numbers to multiply, practicing long division, figuring with decimals and fractions, and solving problems are the subjects most emphasized in fourth grade mathematics.  Students practice drills in multiplication and division facts and review addition and subtraction facts.  Consistent review of fourth grade math skills allows students many opportunities to internalize essential concepts.  The Harcourt Math Curriculum, Mountain Math and Hands-on Equations Learning System are used.
SCIENCE:  In the fourth grade, students focus on four major areas:  life science, earth science, physical science, and health.  Each unit of study includes vocabulary, scientific concepts and hands-on activities.  Experimenting with static electricity and learning more about plant life challenges fourth graders to explore God’s creation.  While investigating oceans, student learning is enhanced through drawing large ocean murals, making models of the ocean floor out of salt dough, and reading excerpts from quality literature, such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  “The Earth's Makeup” and “Movement in the Solar System” are important units fourth graders will cover during the year.  Daily instruction includes using the Scott Foresman Science Curriculum.  

HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY:  Fourth grade history includes a comprehensive study of U.S. and Texas History.  As students study important historical documents, such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they review God’s providence in the founding of America.  They memorize the 50 states, capitals, and the Preamble to the Constitution, as well as learn map skills, and study the election process.  Fourth graders also complete an individual research report on a famous Texan of their choice and present their findings in the Living History Museum.  An all day field trip to Austin, Texas, greatly enriches the program.  To enhance the study of Texas History, fourth graders are involved in numerous writing projects while reading the historical classic, Johnny Texas.  The A Beka Curriculum, History of Our United States, is used.

ACCELERATED READING:  AR is a computer generated motivational reading program that begins for our students in 4th grade.  The AR software provides guided independent reading practice.  Studies show that increased time spent reading leads to gains in reading achievement for all students regardless of prior ability.

SPECIAL SUBJECTS:  Every day fourth graders also enjoy participating in special classes that provide extra enrichment.  Weekly special subjects include music, library, computer, art and Spanish.  Daily physical education classes are scheduled as well. 
In P.E., students enjoy a tennis field trip where they practice and learn strategies for playing.
DISCOVERY DAYS:  Discovery Days are experienced at each grade level.  These exciting and fun days involve hands-on activities that culminate a science or social studies unit.  Students have the opportunity to personally “discover” historical lifestyles and events.  Colonial life in the United States comes alive on “Colonial Day” as fourth graders reenact the time period by dressing in colonial attire, making candles, and quilting.  The study of Texas history culminates with “Texas Round-Up Day” where fourth graders dress western style, compete in a game of Texas Trivia, eat foods native to the state, make crafts and explore the early days of Texas history.

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